Welcome to Bosse High School BPA -- Business Professionals of America

What is BPA?

BPA is the leading CTSO (Career Technical Student Organization) for students pursuing careers in business management, office administration, information technology and other related career fields.

Students involved in BPA compete in various contests at district, state, and national levels throughout the school year. Membership begins in early September with the election of officer at the beginning of October. For more information, visit the national BPA website at www.bpa.org, or the state BPA website at http://www.indianabpa.org/.

Joining BPA

Who can join BPA? Any student enrolled in Business class (this year or the previous year) may become a BPA member.
Why join BPA? BPA members have the opportunity to attend leadership conferences and compete in various contests at district, state, and national levels throughout the school year.
How much is it to join BPA? BPA dues again this year are $30. Dues cover local, state, and national BPA membership for the entire school year.
When does BPA meet? BPA meets when necessary, usually during enrichment.
Who is the sponsor? Mrs. Schaffer is the sponsor. You can find her in room 238 or email her for more info.

Competitive Events

District events take place in December.
State events take place in March.
National events take place in May.

Financial Services
(01) Fundamental Accounting
(02) Advanced Accounting
(03) Computerized Accounting
(04) Payroll Accounting
(05) Spreadsheet Applications & Analysis
(06) Banking & Finance
(07) Financial Analyst Team
(08) Economic Research Project—Individual (S)
(09) Economic Research Project—Team (S)
(10) Financial Math & Analysis—Open Event
(11) Insurance Concepts—Open Event

Administrative Support
(20) Keyboarding Production
(21) Fundamental Word Processing Skills
(22) Advanced Word Processing Skills
(23) Integrated Office Applications
(24) Desktop Publishing
(25) Basic Office Systems & Procedures
(26) Advanced Office Systems & Procedures
(27) Legal Office Procedures
(28) Medical Office Procedures
(29) Database Applications
(30) Administrative Support Team
(31) Administrative Support Research Project—Ind. (S)
(32) Medical Transcription (P)
(33) Administrative Support Concepts—Open Event

Information Technology
(40) Fundamentals of Programming
(41) PC Servicing & Troubleshooting
(42) Computer Security
(43) Fundamentals of XHTML
(44) Digital Media Production
(45) Network Design Team
(46) Web Site Design Team
(47) Web Application Team
(48) Video Production Team
(49) Software Engineering Team
(50) Information Technology Concepts—Open Event

Management / Marketing / Human Resources
(60) Global Marketing Team (S)
(61) Entrepreneurship
(62) Small Business Management Team
(63) Graphic Design Promotion
(64) Interview Skills
(65) Advanced Interview Skills
(66) Extemporaneous Speech
(67) Human Resource Management
(68) Prepared Speech
(69) Presentation Management—Individual
(70) Presentation Management—Team
(71) Parliamentary Procedure Team (S)
(72) Management/Marketing/Human Resources Concepts—Open Event
(73) Parliamentary Procedure Concepts—Open Event