Imagery Fine Arts Magazine

Imagery is an annual publication of the BHS Writers Guild featuring the photography, artwork, poetry, and prose of students and faculty of Bosse High School. We recognize creativity and innovation as two of the greatest 21st century skills, and through this publication, we hope to encourage more individuals to realize and showcase their natural talents.
Imagery is nationally recognized by the National Council for Teachers of English.

Here are the ratings it has received for the Program to Recognize Excellence in Student Literary Magazines.
2011 -- Excellent
2012 -- Superior
2013 -- Superior
2014 -- Excellent
2015 -- Superior
2016 -- Superior
2017 -- Excellent
2018 -- Excellent

The submission window for Imagery 2020 will remain open through Friday, February 28, 2020. Please read the submission guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines

General Information

1.) Participants should always keep a copy of their work.
2.) No anonymous / pseudonym entries accepted.
3.) All work submitted must be original and created by the person whose name appears in the submission form.
4.) Students and faculty may submit up to five original writings and five art pieces.
5.) Participants should note this is a school publication and therefore all school rules apply. The committee reserves the right to censor or refuse any work based on content. Participants in all categories should avoid submitting pieces containing a. pornography or pedophilia b. illicit drug or alcohol use c. threatening, terrorist, or racist language d. excessive gore or horror e. unnecessary profanity f. language which threatens harm to the writer or others

Poetry and Prose Submissions

1.) Participants should not submit more than five separate pieces for publication. No word minimum or maximum will be enforced. All forms of writing will be accepted: poetry, fiction, and non-fiction such as professional essays. Previously published blog posts also welcome. Participants should not submit items previously published in Imagery.
2.) All work must be typed and submitted electronically in a Microsoft Word compatible format, to this email.
3.) Each document submitted should contain the participant's name.
4.) Writings should be clear and grammatically sound. Participants should consider having someone else proofread their pieces before submitting to Imagery. The Imagery 2020 committee reserves the right to make necessary grammatical changes to ensure the professionalism of this publication. All changes will be approved by the author prior to publication.

Art and Photography Submissions

1.) Participants should not submit more than five separate pieces for publication.
2.) All work must be submitted electronically via email.
3.) Photographs or scans of artwork are acceptable, as long as they are clear, saved in a .jpg or .png format only. Photographers will be available for students without access to a digital camera. Please email Mrs. Feller to arrange a time. Participants should note that most artwork featured in the printed copy of Imagery will be in black and white. The online version will be available in full color.
Participants should also note that this publication in its entirety may be available online through the website Issuu. Publication rights revert to the author or artist after the publication of Imagery 2020.

Any questions should be directed toward Mrs. Feller.

Here are some helpful hints about what we're looking for in an ideal submission:

For photos:
* Clear, crisp, high-res photos. If it is blurry or out of focus, or low-res, it won't print well, so we won't be able to use it. The bigger, the better. If it's too big to email, you can always bring it in on a flash drive or burn it to a disc.
* Interesting camera angles or filters. Don't shy away from submitting Instagram pics or ones you've edited through PhotoShop or another similar program.
* Please don't submit pictures of yourself or your friends. You may be beautiful, but we won't be able to use this unless you've done something really interesting with filters. This rule doesn't apply with self-portraits--see 2D information below. Also don't send in pictures of food products--especially with labels. We can't use these because of copyright. Please also leave the personalized watermark off your photos; they'll likely be cropped out of the picture if we decide to use it. We promise we'll give you credit.

2D and 3D art:
* Unique is best.
* Self-portraits are the exception to the rule about no pictures of yourself.
* Explore different mediums. That being said, we have yet to publish a crayon drawing. We also haven't published anything drawn on lined, notebook paper.
* Submit poetry as poetry and art as art. Please don't mix the two and submit a hand-written poem on a drawing or painting.
* We generally cannot use name art, or pictures where your first or last name is the primary focus of the piece. This goes for digital and hand-drawn/painted art.

* Explore different poetry forms instead of just standard rhyming. Forms like sonnets, haiku, limericks, sestinas, villanelles, pantoums--these will have a much greater chance of publication.
* Pay attention to line breaks and rhythm.
* Lyrics or raps ARE considered poems. We like these because you, of all people, understand rhythm and rhyming and how to use it effectively.

* Excerpts are completely fine. Because space is limited, we can only publish about 2,000 words max for a short story or novel excerpt.
* Try to stay away from fanfic for copyright reasons.
* This is usually our area in most need of submissions--if it's well-written or interesting, we'll probably publish it.

* Material from other curricular areas have the greatest potential for publication. Save your essays from your history, science, and math classes, especially if they're artfully written.
* Journal entries do really well--especially if you can tie it in with a larger theme.
* Be sure the piece can stand by itself. If we have to include the writing prompt in order to understand the purpose behind what you've written, we probably won't be able to use it.
If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Feller in room 231. You may also email questions to her but please submit all considerations for Imagery 2020 directly to this email.

If you are also interested in helping with the publication process, notify Mrs. Feller.

Thank you, and please continue creating what you love.

Cover Design

All visual submissions will be considered for the cover of Imagery. Cover designs should be high-resolution and can either be landscape or portrait. We look for covers which lean toward symbolic interpretations and will work well with a theme. The winning cover design will be announced in early March.

Pre-Ordering Your Copy

To pre-order, please send check for $10 made out to Bosse High School with "Imagery" in the subject line to Mrs. Feller.