Physical Education and Health

Welcome to the Physical Education Department
Bosse's mission for physical education is to provided our students with opportunities to succeed in a variety of movement and fitness activities that assist them in acquiring motor skills, health-related fitness, positive attitudes, and self-esteem. Physical activity is used to show students the enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, social interactions, and health benefits that can be derived from everyday physical activity and strong mental health.

Physical Education Department Staff

Related Clubs and Extra Curricular Activities

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Boys JV Basketball
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Boys Varsity Basketball
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Girls JV Basketball
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Girls Varsity Basketball
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Conditioning for Sports
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Cross Country
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Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
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Cub Football
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Boys Golf
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Girls Golf
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Boys Soccer
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Girls Soccer
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Boys Tennis
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Girls Tennis
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Boys Track
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Course Offerings

Physical Education I and II
Physical Education I focuses on instructional strategies through a planned, sequential, and comprehensive physical education curriculum which provides students with opportunities to actively participate in at least four of the following: team sports, dual sports activities, outdoor pursuits, self-defense and martial arts, gymnastics and dance, all within the framework of lifetime physical activity and fitness. Ongoing assessment includes both written and performance-based skill evaluation.

Team Sports
Team sports focuses on learning about a variety of team-based games, their rules and skills needed to play well. The ongoing assessment includes both written and performance-based skill evaluations. Sports include but are not limited to football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and baseball.

Aerobics gears students for lifelong physical health as they examine different aerobic programs, the importance of warming up and cooling down, stretches versus aerobic activity. Students will engage in a variety of mediums and actively participate, including the creation of their own aerobic's program.

Strength and Conditioning
Personal goals focus this class of weight lifting, stretching, BMI checking and improving physical health. Students will have the opportunity to work on individual goals, strengthening and lengthening muscles, honing in on particular muscle work. The ongoing assessment includes both written and improvement-based evaluation.

Health Education is a required course designed to help students attain competence in identifying, understanding, and helping to solve the health problems of today’s society. Included in the Health Education program are prevention of accidents; first aid and CPR; health concepts - an overview of body functions; medicines and medical care; mental health; pathology and diseases; ecology and health; emotions and personality; use, misuse, and abuse of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs; AIDS; human sexuality (includes human reproduction, sexually transmitted infections, and family living).