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Family and Consumer Sciences Education empowers individuals and families across the life span to manage the challenge of living and working in a diverse global society. The relationship between work and family is our unique focus.

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Course Offerings

Preparing for College & Careers (PCC)
This course addresses the knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to be prepared for college, careers, and life. Students will discover their interests while learning about college and career options and the processes to get and succeed at a job.
• 1 semester
• recommended grade 9
• $6.00 fee

Nutrition and Wellness (NW)
This semester course is an introductory course valuable for all students as a life foundation and academic enrichment. It is especially relevant for students interested in food-related careers. Students will be introduced to the basics of food preparation with laboratory experiences that emphasize the main focus of the class: the benefits of sound nutrition and wellness practices and how to apply these principles in everyday life. Topics include influences on nutrition and wellness; using USDA Dietary Guidelines to plan meals; and safety, sanitation, and impacts of science and technology on nutrition and wellness issues.
• 1 semester
• grade 9, 10, 11, 12
• $6.00 fee

Advanced Nutrition and Wellness (ANW)
This course addresses more complex concepts in nutrition and foods, with emphasis on contemporary economic, social, psychological, cultural, and global issues. Building on the foundation established in Nutrition and Wellness, it is an appropriate course for students interested in the medical/dietetic fields or to prepare for self-sufficient living. Topics include extensive study of major nutrients; nutritional standards across the life span; technological and scientific influences on nutrition/food choices, and career exploration. Laboratory experiences will be used to develop food preparation skills with attention given to nutrition, safety, and sanitation.
• 1 year
• recommended grade 10, 11, 12
• prerequisite NW
• $6.00 fee per semester

Child Development (CD)
This is an introduction course that examines issues of child growth and development. It includes the study of prenatal development/birth through preschool age, child care and guidance, and support systems for parents.
• Fall semester
• recommended grade 10, 11, 12
• $2.00 fee

Advanced Child Development (ACD)
This course addresses issues of child development from age 4 through 8. It builds on the Child Development course which is a recommended prerequisite. It continues the study of best practices for healthy growth and development and teaching and guiding children. It also includes the study of special conditions affecting children, child development theories, research, and career exploration.
• Spring semester
• recommended grade 10, 11, 12
• prerequisite CD
• $2.00 fee

Early Childhood Education I (ECEI)
Early Childhood Education I is a one-year program that meets two class periods per day. The course includes classroom instruction and practical experiences within a child care setting. It prepares students for employment in early childhood education and related careers that involve working with children from birth to 8 years (3rd grade). Major course topics include promoting child development and learning; using developmentally appropriate practices; building family and community relationships; meaningful curriculum planning; and becoming an early childhood professional.
• 1 year
• recommended grade 11, 12
• prerequisites CD and ACD
• $2.00 fee and $5.00 lab fee per semester, but there may be fees associated with the necessary paperwork to participate at the field site, ex. TB test, physical, criminal background check, etc.

Introduction to Fashion & Textiles (IFT)
This course provides an introduction to the fashion, textiles, and apparel industries including history, design, and careers. Students will study about fibers and fabrics to know how to buy clothing and do laundry. They will also learn basic sewing machine operation and sewing skills.
• 1 semester
• grade 9, 10, 11, 12
• $5.00 fee

Fashion & Textiles Careers I (FC)
This course focuses on advanced knowledge and skills in fashion/textiles-related areas. Students continue their study of fashion and textiles with an emphasis on projects.
• 1 year
• recommended grade 10, 11, 12
• prerequisite IFT
• $5.00 fee per semester