Welcome to the Business Department
The Business Department strives to keep abreast of the constantly changing technology. All our teachers have prior work experience in the business field. Students in our classes have an opportunity to learn skills which will help them in their college preparation, future job training, and personal life. Essential skills are emphasized to help students prepare for ECA and other standardized tests. Students have an opportunity to become involved in the two business organizations, BPA (Business Professionals of America) and DECA (Association of Marketing Students).

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Course Offerings

Accounting (10-12)
Accounting introduces the language of business using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and procedures for proprietorships and partnerships using double-entry accounting. Emphasis is placed on accounting principles. This course involves understanding, analyzing, and recording business transactions and preparing, analyzing, and interpreting financial reports as a basis for decision making.
•Grade Level: 10-12
•Prerequisite: None
•Credits: Two-credit course over two semesters (year course)

Business Law and Ethics (11-12)
Business Law and Ethics provides an overview of the legal system. Topics covered include basics of the judicial system, contract law, employment law, personal law, and property law. Both criminal and civil trial procedures are presented. Instructional strategies include case studies, a field trip, guest speakers, and Internet projects.
•Grade Level: 11-12
•Prerequisite: None
•Credits: One-credit course over one semester (semester course)

Computer Illustration and Graphics (11-12)
Computer Illustration and Graphics allows students to develop proficiency in using desktop publishing software to create a variety of printed publications. Students will incorporate journalistic principles in design and layout of print. The focus of the course is on learning fundamental graphic design skills. Students will use sophisticated hardware and software to develop and create quality materials.
•Grade Level: 11-12
•Prerequisite: Digital Applications and Responsibilities 
•Credits: Two-credit course over two semesters (year course)

Digital Applications and Responsibilities (10-12)
Digital Applications and Responsibilities provides advanced instruction in software concepts using a Windows-based professional suite, which includes word processing, spreadsheet, database, graphics, and presentation applications. Concepts and applications dealing with software integration, Internet use, and information about future technology trends are included. Instruction in basic computer hardware and operating systems that support software applications is provided.
•Grade Level: Grade 10-12
•Credits: Two credits over two semesters (year course)
•This course is aligned with post-secondary courses for Dual Credit.

Preparing for College and Careers (11-12)
Preparing for College and Careers addresses the knowledge, skills, and behaviors all students need to be prepared for success in college, career, and life. The focus of the course is the impact of today’s choices on tomorrow’s possibilities. Topics to be addressed include twenty-first century life and career skills; higher order thinking, communication, leadership, and management processes; exploration of personal aptitudes, interests, values, and goals; examining multiple life roles and responsibilities as individuals and family members; planning and building employability skills; transferring school skills to life and work; and managing personal resources. No prerequisite.
•Grade Level: Grade 11-12 
•Credits: Two credits over two semesters (year course) 

Web Design (11-12)
Web Design provides instruction in the principles of web design using current/emerging software programs. Areas of instruction include audience analysis, hierarchy layout and design techniques, software integration, and publishing. Instructional strategies should include peer teaching, collaborative instruction, project-based learning activities, and school and community projects.
•Grade Level: 11-12
•Prerequisite: Digital Applications and Responsibilities
•Credits: Two credits over two semesters (semester course)

Principles of Marketing (11-12)
Principles of Marketing provides a basic introduction to the scope and importance of marketing in the global economy. Emphasis is placed on oral and written communications, mathematical applications, problem solving, and critical thinking skills as they relate to advertising/promotion/ selling, distribution, financing, marketing-information management, pricing, and product/service management.
•Grade Level: 11-12
•Prerequisite: None
•Credits: Two-credit course over two semesters (year course)

Sport and Entertainment Marketing (11-12)
Sports and Entertainment Marketing is a specialized marketing course that develops student understanding of the sport/event industries, their economic impact, and products; distribution systems and strategies; pricing considerations; product/service management, and promotion. Students acquire an understanding and appreciation for planning. 
•Grade Level: 11-12 
•Prerequisite: Principles of Marketing 
•Credits: Two-credit course over two semesters (year course)

Strategic Marketing (12) 
Strategic Marketing builds upon the foundations of marketing and applies the functions of marketing at an advanced level. Students will study the basic principles of consumer behavior and examine the application of theories from psychology, social psychology, and economics. The relationship between consumer behavior and marketing activities will be reviewed.
• Recommended Grade Level: 12
• Recommended Prerequisites: Principles of Business Management
• Required Prerequisites: Principles of Marketing
• Credits: 2 semester course, 2 semesters required, 1-2 credits per semester, 4 credits maximum
• Counts as a Directed Elective or Elective for all diplomas  

Work-Based Learning (12)
Work-Based Learning is taken concurrently with Strategic Marketing. The program has two requires components: related classroom instruction and cooperative work experience with school release time available. Students are to work a minimum of fifteen hours per week. Students participating in this course will follow class, school, State, and Federal guidelines. Students will be paid in accordance with all State and Federal laws pertaining to employment.
•Grade Level: 12
•Taken concurrently with: Strategic Marketing
•Credits: Four-credit course over two semesters (year course)